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Qubo 4 Malinska

Qubo 4 luxury apartments are located in Malinska on the island of Krk. They are situated in a quiet, green environment near the sea.

Exclusively furnished apartments:

The building has 4 apartments, two of which are on the ground floor and the other two are on the first floor.
Upper floor apartments have beautiful terraces, and two ground floor apartments have a beautiful, green yard, in which apartment 1 has a yard with an area of 120 m2, and apartment 2 has a yard with an area of 227 m2.
Each apartment has its own parking space. The building is built of brick block with a thickness of 30cm, whereby the façade will be coated with 15cm of Styrofoam thus structuring a low-energy value building. Aluminum windows will be built into the building.
The entire apartment, both the bedrooms and the living room will have built-in heating and cooling. The apartments have a suspended ceiling with integrated lighting that can be regulated.
The bathrooms are lined with polished high-gloss porcelain tiles and have modern shower cabins with a bathroom closet and built-in hair dryer.
The building staircase is paved with porcelain, whereby the stair railings are made of tempered glass. The entrance doors to the apartments are security doors by the Italian manufacturer Diere.
The furniture is not included in the above price of the apartment, but we can offer the subject apartment with our selected designer furniture, for which we can prepare an additional offer for decorating. Otherwise, you are free to furnish the apartment at your discretion.



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