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Crikvenica is situated in the Kvarner bay of the Adriatic Sea, at a distance of 33 km from Rijeka, a major road and railway junction at the centre of the district of Primorje and Gorski kotar, also home to Crikvenica. The entire town of Crikvenica is in fact a Riviera with a row of almost connected small tourist resorts: Selce, Crikvenica, Dramalj and Jadranovo. The town spreads about 28 square kilometres in the coastal zone, which is about 15 km long and about 2 km wide, and is situated between the sea and the elongated littoral reef at an average height of about 300 m above sea level. The nearby airport on the island Krk, the passenger and the cargo sea ports in Rijeka, as well as a good road and railway connection with Central Europe have contributed to the early development of tourism which has in the region of the present Riviera of Crikvenica a tradition of more than one hundred years.

About the build
The Saint Martin villas are situated in the beautiful hinterland of Crikvenica. Our long experience ensures high quality of design and used materials.

Materials and equipment

  • facade: Demit, 10cm styrofoam, finish Baumit
  • internal staircase paved with marble
  • interior wall painted with washable latex paint
  • exotic wood flooring
  • air conditioning and heating in all room
  • remote shutters
  • Italian bathroom fittings and ceramics
  • vacuum system built into the walls
  • security entrance door
  • built-in flushing cisterns
  • indoor hydro-massage bath
  • outdoor hydro-massage bath
  • sauna
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • exterior floor lighting
  • interior built-in ceiling lights
  • outdoor fireplace and summer kitchen
  • the villa is equipped with Italian furniture
  • video surveillance and alarm system
  • view of sea and lake Tribalj
  • a number of other modern details


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