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At Perjavica, newly discovered and extremely attractive location under Sljeme, we have built an urban villa. Modern design, urban infrastructure, top-quality performance, the best materials and equipment, idyllic environment and view will contribute to future residents' pleasure of living.
Each apartment has a view of Zagreb on 3 sides.

Equipment and construction:

  • Perforated brick
  • 10-cm Demit facade – styrofoam, Baumit final layer
  • Basement and garage facade lined with granite
  • Inside Cashmere White granite staircase
  • Inside and outside fences made of highly polished INOX steel
  • Inside wall painted with Latex washable paint
  • Exotic wood parquet
  • Daikin air conditioners
  • Electric shutter-lifting
  • Anti-theft door by a well-known Austrian producer, ''Dana''
  • Italian sanitary facilities and ceramics
  • Central wall-installed vacuum cleaners
  • Italian anti-theft door ''Dierre''
  • Wall-installed toilet flushers
  • Angular jacuzzi bathtubs
  • Lowered ceilings
  • Many other modern details

The apartments have their own garage.
Within the complex, there is a mini fitness-wellness center that contains jacuzzi, sauna, showers and exercise equipment.



Apartment construction
and selling on Adriatic coast
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